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“A new breath of life and fresh air into what is otherwise a difficult and dull topic."

Chief Judge Frank Q. Nebeker
Unites States Court of Veterans Appeals
1997-98 Chairperson, Committee on Continuing Appellate Education
Appellate Judges Seminar Series
Appellate Judges Conference
Judicial Division, American Bar Ass'n

"What a great program! Ron Hofer is a master at keeping everyone’s attention on a subject that could really boring.”
“Ron Hofer is outstanding! There is no match for his thorough understanding of judicial responsibility and process.”
“Absolutely a joy to be taught by someone who enjoys his work and has such a breadth of knowledge.”
“Ron is the best – his humor makes interesting what might otherwise be a very dry for learning experience.”

These are just a few of the unanimous positive comments I have received from the many seminars and workshops Ron Hofer has delivered on behalf of the Wisconsin Judiciary. Ron’s presentations are always informative and useful, doubtless due to the skillful and entertaining methods he utilizes to hold the attention of judges and lawyers.
Meeting planners seeking to deliver an excellent legal writing workshop, professionally organized and well-tailored to their audience, can do no better than to engage the services of Ron Hofer. It is always a pleasure to work with a consummate professional, they make you look good!
Dave Hass
Wisconsin Judicial Education

"In his teaching of writing to judges, Professor Hofer engages his audience in a meaningful, practical, yet intellectually challenging experience. He has adapted the concepts of grammar, sentence structure and effective writing to the demands of the judicial profession, while managing to make learning fun and meaningful. Professor Hofer understands the profession of judging as well as any of the great legal minds and thinkers of current and past generations."

William Dressel
President, The National Judicial College

Past Evaluations

“Hofer presented material in a way that changes my perception of writing.”

“Fantastic presenter!”

“Hofer’s sense of humor kept the program lively.”

“No social worker should be allowed to speak to anyone until he has read Ronald Hofer’s materials on passive verbs, expletives and nominalizations.”

“Ron combines a natural teaching style with critical (need to know) information for judges who have to write for a living.

“Really excellent presentation.  Super use of humor to keep the subject lively.”

“Ron Hofer is the best instructor for new appellate judges on developing writing skills.”

“A great teacher and a novel approach.”

“Top-notch presenter – great sense of humor!”

“Solid substance and entertaining.  Succeeds with the objective – raising our consciousness about the elements of good writing.”

“Outstanding and interesting!  Best writing teacher I’ve ever had.”

“Extremely useful, excellent job.”

“Best speaker on this topic I’ve ever heard.”


“The insights Hofer provided into how our writing is read will linger on for many a day – he was really great!”

“This speaker is a great teacher.  He is very funny and very knowledgeable.”

“Simply spectacular!”

“I regret that my fifth grade teacher, Sister Mary Patrick, did not possess Professor Hofer’s sense of humor and style as she had us diagram sentences.”

“Very important program.  Marvelous speaker.  Great use of humor to make his points.”

“We’ve all had legal writing instruction ad nauseam – it was nice having something so different that was informative and entertaining.”

“Stimulating – fast moving.”

“I saw a new view in handling our writing.”

“The best of the courses offered at this seminar.”

“Professor Hofer is bright, funny and an excellent teacher of this dry but essential skill for appellate judges and their clerks.”

“All of our judges have praised [Hofer’s] presentation with superlatives they usually use only to describe their own opinions.”

“Ron Hofer is the best instructor I have ever had.  He is brilliant, humorous and well organized.”

“Prof. Hofer’s instructive and entertaining approach to this vital subject is invaluable.”